The 761st Gun Club of Illinois is a Nonprofit organization of law-abiding gun owners focusing on preserving the rights of the African American gun ownership in the Chicago-land area.  We are affiliated with the National African American Gun Association.  We are here to promote a positive Chapter for the 2nd Amendment and the Black Community.  We are a nondiscriminant organization accept membership from all walks of life, skin color, and background if that member supports the organization’s agenda and goals.

The goal of the 761st Gun Club is to have every African American in the Chicago-land area introduced to firearm use for self-defense, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities.  We are a civil Rights Organization focused on self-preservation of our Community through armed protection and community building.  We are not a political group nor endorse any political party, but we do hold our elected officials accountable.  We believe that the 2nd Amendment alone is Pro-Black.    

The 761st Gun Club of Illinois is name after to pay homage to the Army’s 761st Tank Battalion.  The Tank Battalion were an all-Black Tank Battalion group that fought in WWII (1942-1946).  Their Motto: “Come Out Fighting”.  They were awarded the Presidential Unit Citation, one Medal of Honor, and eleven Silver Stars.

The focus of the organization will be on state/federal gun laws, conceal carry, firearm safety training, being a positive ambassador for our community, etc.

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