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What happens on the day you join 761st Gun Club?

  1. Immediate access to certified instructors at up to 50% discount on classes like basic handgun safety, defensive pistol and home defense.

  2. Free admission to club events that include complimentary training.

  3. Access to club network and monthly calendars with family events.

  4. Opportunities to serve in area of community outreach with a respected non-profit organization that believes in Chicago and its surrounding communities.


Future members of the 761st Gun Club must have the following:

  • Be a valid and financially sound member of the National African American Gun Association (

  • Have a valid FOID Card (Firearm Owners ID) or be able to show application is processing.





The 761st Gun Club has membership

  • Annual Dues

    • Single: $50.00

    • Couple: $80.00

The 761st Gun Club

Matthew Adkins Club President

P.O. Box 7472

Romeoville, IL 60446


Phone: 708.831.3771

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