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Who Are We?

Background Story: The 761st Gun Club of Illinois is a gun club named after an all-Black Tank Battalion group that fought in WWII. Our Gun Club's name pays homage to the United States Army’s 761st Tank Battalion. The 761st Tank Battalion’s motto was “Come Out Fighting.” That's the legacy they created as well. Their first engagement was at the little Belgian town of Morville-les-Vic in November 1944, and they overcame perilous combat through to the end of the war. The 761st’s fight was not limited to the Germans. This Heroic battalion was a segregated African American unit. It fought a battle on two fronts as it persevered in the struggle for racial equality. This struggle for equality was one that they engaged in for the duration of their lives.  The American lives that comprised the 761st, also known as “Black Panthers,” live on through the 761st Gun Club of Illinois as we fight to gain and preserve the equity and justice that they deserved.


The 761st Gun Club of Illinois is a Nonprofit organization of law-abiding gun owners who work to create equity and preserve the rights of the African Americans in the Chicago-land area.  We are affiliated with the National African American Gun Association.  We promote Americans taking the 2nd Amendment very seriously as a birth-given right that empowers the Black Community with the ability to protect itself and its interests.  We are a non-discriminant organization that accepts membership. Our only condition is that the aspiring member actively supports the organization’s agenda and goals.

GOAL: Introduce every African American in the Chicago-land area to responsible and lawful firearm use for self-defense, competitive shooting, and outdoor recreational activities.  We are a Civil Rights Organization focused on equity and the preservation of our Community through armed protection, education and community building.  We are not a political group nor do we endorse any political party. We do hold our elected officials accountable.  We believe that the 2nd Amendment was written intentionally and that we should support it the same way it supports the Black Community.

Focus of the organization: State/federal gun law education and activism, conceal carry, firearm safety training, and having a positive influence in the community.

Follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram to join us in community service projects, family-friendly events, and training.  Contact us if you have any questions.      


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